Who am I?                                                                                                         My name is Ramanda. I'm a communication student in Ghent. Specialising in telling stories through the medium of film and trying to show different aspects of life through my pictures. 
Wherein lies my fascination with images?                                                From a young age I've been interested in images. Especially how a single frame can tell a whole story or how showing certain people, places and feelings can start a whole new dialogue. In high school I studied architecture, a study which stimulated me to work both creatively and rationally. Something I also experience when working with digital media.
How do I spend my spare time?                                                                      In my spare time I work on photography, film or digital media projects. These projects can be very different: from making gifs or photographs for websites to making short introduction video's for artists to editing interviews. All my work is done through Decoration bv.