Opening Antoinette

November 2017                                                      Film / multimedia                                                Client: Decoration BV


In Oktober 2017 Antoinette opened her new art studio at De Jonge woont in Barneveld. A beautiful interior shop in the middle of Barneveld, housed in a renovated church building. A beautiful place, where the shop, two artists and a flower shop are housed. I had the chance to film the opening of the new flower shop and the studio of Antoinette. For the opening of Antoinette her studio Ernst Daniël Smid (a dutch singer and presentor) was invited. The collection paint of Decoration is presented in the studio of Antoinette. The whole day filming resulted in a short video for Facebook, Youtube and the website of Decoration. With a humourstic blooper edited at the end of the video. 

* note: please turn on Hd at the bottom of the youtube video. This way you can enjoy the best image quality.